Can Mental Health


Established in November 2005, CAN (Mental Health) Inc. is an independent, not for profit, mental health consumer run organisation based in Sydney, Australia.  We provide local and national peer support services and recovery activities for consumers by consumers. Who is a “Consumer”? A consumer is a person who identifies as either living or has lived with mental health issues or problems. Recovery is a Choice. Peer Support gives us heart.

Our mission is to actively work together for better mental health, with a purpose of promoting, supporting and enhancing mental health, wellbeing and recovery journeys.

CAN run two main services, ‘Hospital to Home’ and ‘Phone Connections’.

Hospital to Home provides practical assistance and peer support within the first 6 weeks of discharge from two Sydney metropolitan psychiatric inpatient units – at Liverpool and Campbelltown Hospitals.  Our Hospital to Home service is one of only two in Australia run by consumers.

The Phone Connections service is the national telephone peer support line for people living with mental illness.


Christmas With Just My Family!

Micheal White

Micheal White is a person living with schizophrenia.  He works with CAN Mental Health and devotes his time to helping others living with mental illness to transition from hospital life back into the community.

In My Christmas, he helps Barbara reconnect with her local community and her family, and now Barbara is set to enjoy Christmas once again.