Christ Mission Possible

Christ Mission Possible is a local charity that provides food and accommodation solutions to the needy and those who are most vulnerable.

CMP began its food operations in September 2006 providing one hot meal a week on the streets to people in need at Mt Druitt, and began its Housing Solutions in 2010 with homeless crisis accommodation facilities.

Today, their team of staff, faithful volunteers and committed partners, they:

  • Support over 7,000 people with essential food each week,
  • Provide over 1,500 meals on the streets or through school programs every week,
  • Provide crisis temporary accommodation to over 1,200 young people,
    single adult men and women, women with children & families every year;
  • Also rehouse over 300 people a year into more permanent accommodation through our Rapid Rehousing Program.

By caring for the community, CMP also prevent over 1 MILLION tonnes of food each year from being dumped. This is food that would otherwise be discarded, and instead is redirected to those in the community that require it the most.

CMP work closely with Housing NSW and other Housing organisations to address the big problem of homelessness and through partnerships with many local real estates we provide access into the private rental market through our Rapid Rehousing Program.



Free Food Shop for Christmas!

Christ Mission Possible (CMP) give away over $10 million of food every year!

This Western Sydney based charity collects over $10 million of food every year and give it away to people who attend their Free Food Shop every Tuesday.

Mike and Albert from CMP collect food from various donors throughout the week, and co-ordinate hundreds of volunteers to help distribute the food.

The volunteers include community members, corporate organisations, local schools, and most importantly, people who used to be clients of the food shop when they needed a hand.

The CMP Free Food Shop has been running for 8 years, and this Christmas will help thousands of people to have a better Christmas.

This is one of Australia’s best kept secrets.