King’s Table Soup Kitchen

The King’s Table Soup Kitchen is associated with New Hope Care, which aims to meet the needs of those in Brisbane who require direct help and assistance, providing relief from poverty, suffering, addiction, distress
and misfortune to the destitute and homeless.

New Hope Care is committed and passionate about helping these people re-establish themselves with a focused strategy to overcome their circumstances, giving them a hope and a future.

In May it was announced that New Hope Care were hoping to open a soup kitchen to bring food and community to those in need. And they have been running ‘The King’s Table’ every Friday since early July.

Their mission has been to create a family atmosphere where they can develop compassionate relationships with the community, creating a sanctuary in which they can relax and feel loved.  Everyone who is invited is known as a ‘guest’ and they seek to give them the opportunity to find restoration and hope in the time they spend with there. To do this New Hope Care have gone out of our way to provide a service that is exceptional and different, showing those in need that they are valued, recognised and appreciated.

They are actively seeking those who are in need of rest and support, each week visiting the highways and byways where they know people are affected by challenging issues. New faces are continually coming through their doors and they are also seeing some regular guests coming back and even becoming involved in other ways in the New Hope community.  New Hope Care is about doing life with people so this is such an exciting outcome.



Everyone Gets A Christmas Meal!

A Soup Kitchen that brings people to its table!

The Kings Table Soup Kitchen started earlier this year. Despite sending out invitations to the free meals, no one attended.

Not willing to take ‘no’ for an answer, Matt and Adam, the CEO and Head Chef of the Soup Kitchen, got into their cars along with a team of volunteers,
and personally invited people 
from the local men’s and women’s shelters to participate in the free meal.

This Christmas, the Soup Kitchen continues to open its doors and is holding a Christmas themed meal every Friday throughout December. For those who attend, the Kings Table Soup Kitchen is a community with people from all walks of life coming together as a family.

This is a completely volunteer run work, and the Head Chef, Adam, participates to give back to the community. He was once homeless and managed to get back on his feet after someone took the time to feed him and lend him a hand.