The Vineyard Co-op

The Vineyard Co-op is a group of families and individuals who have formed a collective to buy fruit, vegetables and groceries from the Sydney Markets and independent producers, as a way to fund water provision projects in developing communities in Cambodia.

The Co-op was started in April 2010 by wife and mother of five children, Rachelle Attieh. Rachelle was determined to find a way to make a positive impact in the world around her that involved the tasks she did everyday.

After sharing her vision for a co-op with family and friends, she was on her way and The Vineyard Co-op started. Its members are committed to changing the world by changing the way they buy their family groceries.


How It Works

The concept of this Co-op is simple.

Every fortnight, families place an order for their required amount of fruit and vegetable boxes.  A mixed fruit and vegetable box costs $25 and feeds approximately 2-3 people for a fortnight.  Separate fruit or vegetable boxes are available also for $12.50 each and contain either the fruit or vegetable component of the  mixed box.

Of the $25 paid for a box, $20 goes to buying fruit and vegetables, and $5 goes to Metamorphic International’s Water4Water program for digging wells in villages in Cambodia.

Members may choose to take a turn shopping at the Sydney Markets on behalf of the Co-op, buying for all those who have ordered that fortnight.

When the shoppers return, other Co-op members divide the produce into the amount of boxes ordered that fortnight, known as ‘the split’.  This is a fun time to socialise while children play. The fruit and vegies are then ready for non-shopping and splitting members to collect.

The Vineyard Co-op also works with a local butcher to sell meat in bulk for much cheaper than retail. The Co-op also supplies eggs, honey and jams from local producers

Everything sold through The Vineyard Co-op is much cheaper than retail AND raises funds for Metamorphic’s Water4Water program.