Zigi’s Personal Chef Services

Zigi Ozeri is a personal gourmet chef with a big heart.  He has a passion for food and people, and loves seeing the two go together!

He has been working in the food and hospitality industry for over 10 years and is a well-respected award-winning chef.

His experience includes some of Sydney finest hotels where he spent his time designing menus and perfecting the art of preparing and cooking fine dining food.  Zigi also teaches at Ultimo TAFE and runs a various renowned cooking classes in community colleges.

As a member of the Australian Culinary Federation of New South Wales, Zigi passes his valuable knowledge and contagious passion for food and people onto the up and coming younger generation of Australian chefs.

Believing everyone deserves to enjoy fine food, Zigi regularly opens the doors of his restaurant to community groups and charities so people who do not normally enjoy gourmet food can have an unforgettable culinary experience.

Zigi Ozeri is proudly supported by SEPAK Industries, who provide him with the cooking utilities that allow him to make such delicious food.



Zigi is supporting Single Mums in Australia!

SingleMum.com.au is Australia’s single parent website for separated, divorced and solo mums offering exclusive Child Support, Family Law, Centrelink and articles, great competitions, parenting product reviews, media call-outs, a busy single mum community forum, and much more!


Every Mum Deserves A Break.

In My Christmas, Zigi opens the doors of his restaurant and hosts a free Christmas lunch for single mums and their kids.

For some mums, this is the only Christmas meal they can give to their children.



Zigi’s would like to thank his sponsors for supporting the Free Christmas Lunch: